Et Spiritus Divino Issue 1 page 5

This is it for a little while everyone. The latest page to the comic book series Et Spiritus Divino is ready for viewing here. 5 pages released within the same day and I will begin to release more 1 page at a time starting mid to late September 2014 while I allow for the first 5 pages to display. After that each page will be released once a week but sometimes you just need more! What kind of super natural and cult antics are going to happen next! But fear not! If you are so impatient you will be able to buy the first entire issue starting in October! There, I said a date and I’ve lit a fire under my ass to hurry up and get the comic book printed and finalized!  But what’ will happen on page six!!?!? It’s about to go down, that’s what’s going to happen. I hope you’ve enjoyed what you see so far, I’ve worked so hard for what displayed seeming like little or lazy work. It’s my best work so far whether that means something to you or not, I promise to do my best and give Et Spiritus Divino issue 2 better writing and better art work. I’ve learned so much since then and hope you enjoy Et Spiritus Divino issue 1 as it’s released. I will be active though online and around the web, if you want to be annoyed by my own geeking out on fandoms and postings of my own artwork you can follow me on Tumblr and Facebook! Please also check out my great wonderful friend Oli over at TheRusticTeapot and all awesome comic/nerd industry happenings with the agents over at AgentsOfGUARD Thanks and I hope to hear from you all soon as we get this horror story rolling!

Et Spiritus Divino Issue 1 page 3

Just released page 3 of the first issue in the comic book series Et Spiritus Divino! Spoilers ahead! I wanted to be sure to give the Nephilim a nomadic and Mayan feel and style which was not easy. The Nephilim play a huge role in the Et Spiritus Divino universe, i’m terrible at keeping spoilers so I should shut up and I hope you enjoy Et Spiritus Divino Page 3 here

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