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Hello and thank you so much for visiting Et Spiritus Divino’s new home! I am humbled by your choice to allow me your time to look around. hopefully you will enjoy as well as be entertained by my meager attempt at telling you a story.

Want to quick version of this? Simply put, I have had ESD stewing in my brain since middle school. After trying to collaborating with various people and their own projects falling through over and over again (understandably so, they gotta put food on the table and have bills too) I got frustrated by this trend (maybe it was me?) and decided to sit my ass down and start grinding away on a script for the first issue that I would see through and through. So that before I die I have one thing left behind, just one thing to say “I did that”.  A comic book I created, I COMPLETED. Maybe then my parents have something to talk about with and be proud of when extended family ask if I’m doing the marriage and dating thing yet. That would just be a plus though because above all, this is for me first and foremost. I just hope again you are entertained as we take this journey of trials and tribulations of a  “what if god was one of us?” event… Okay this version wasn’t quick..

I picked up Diablo when I was a kid in middle school and it had a HUGE impact on both my writing and artistic themes for almost all my life. During my influential teen years of being sorta catholic I took the bible rather literal and even feared God. Now I won’t get too religious or talk much on it because ESD is not about the agenda of a religion or bashing thereof. It’s quite the contrary as an exploration of the many that exist in it’s good and/or bad (I LOVED TABOO WHEN IT WAS ON NATGEO!!!) folklore’s as well as the anthropological exploration of cultures! I swear it’ll be more fun than it sounds :D… *crickets*.


The artistic, video game, cinematic realm of the occult, super natural horror and surrealism has had a huge impact on ESD some of which are as follows and not limited to!  Ghost (screw you, that movie still makes me cry and fuck those creepy shadow demons), Eraserhead, Begotten (I regret everything…), Lo (so cute and adorable please tell me you’ve seen this demonic delight of a film?), Constantine, Berserk, The Prophecy, Silent Hill, Legend of Dragoon and so very much more but I think you get the gist of it. Scary things with monsters and/or demons!

When I graduated college I wanted to be an animator and because of my financial situation I went to a trade school (I regret this more than having watched “Begotten”.) being naive and young and yay 3 years of college! I’ll be out in the artistic workforce in no time!.. Not. But It would not get me down, nay-nay! I met 2 amazing instructors Andrea Bobick and Corrine Murchison who jettisoned my curiosity for the arts and self exploration and improvement of being a better animator! A better artist! I honestly wouldn’t have made it this far without them. Their guidance and support has always been a supporting pillar in my life to continue my education since graduating in 2007. Since then I’ve been taking various art classes and treating them like workshops, hell I just recently completed my 5th term in a row of Figure Drawing (thanks again Jarrin Wagstaff for your support and putting up with me and my infinite questions of the arts!). Figure drawing is where i got serious with starting and completing ESD, after taking beginning figure drawing I stuck around for 4 more terms practicing and working on the figure which started with practicing the form to character sheets, to script then penciled, inked and now painted pages. But it doesn’t stop there! You must be an artist beyond the classroom, that’s when my kick-ass friend Kristin and I go to Target’s food court, push tables around, lay out all our art stuff and work on our own comics while chugging caffeine creations with critiques in between. So heads up, Target is the place to be for solo art cramming time if you don’t want to be distracted. Lighting is amazing and they have wi-fi if you need to access your online references. I am slow, but I am learning. Move forward, always move forwards. Regardless it’s pace, even if you falter the goal is to keep sail and never stop.

And here we are now down what’s been a long road to the ESD website, A huge thank you to my friend Saulo Arechiga and the OtakuWanted.com team for their unwavering support of ESD and the set up of this website! My parents are amazing and I can only try to emulate the hard work ethic and optimism they resonate constantly, I would be nowhere without them. I love you very much Mom and Dad. Thank you to my amazing beautiful reference model and friend Charlee and Jet. Really, thank you to all my friends who have been there to answer my questions, humor my stories and art. You all influence and inspire me in your own ways and I would be lucky if I could even shine with an ounce of the awesome you all exert.

If you ever need someone to talk to, about anything. You are not alone, write me, ask me anything. Just please give me time to respond, I will respond as soon as I can (although i’ll probably respond same day or within minutes i’m almost always at my comp unless a pizookie is happening. In which case the ewey gooey of a pizookie may likely be prioritized..). We are all artists in our own way and we look out for each other.

Thank you the reader and supporter, hell you’re family now if you’ve read this far! I really cannot emphasize enough that I hope you are entertained by the journey about to transpire.

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